Below are some comments from people who have attended some of our previous days.
If you have any comments to make and would like them including here (with photo if you want) please e-mail or write to us.

Hi Tony, Karen & Dave,

Just a quick email to say thanks for organising a great trip to Jerez. Our group of 14 loved it. We will be using you guys again 100%....

Jay Gibbs

Great Company, Very well organised, have used Track Sense several times now and never had an issue, 100% recommend them, Tony & the team are great.

Andy Jones.

Just had our first trip to Almeria. Had a fantastic time in spite of my ability shortfall in the last session. Fantastic help from Glen when I’d a tech issue with my bike. Organization absolutely slick as usual. Great company and fun off and on the track. I couldn’t recommend Track Sense enough. Peter Whittick, 2019

I rate Track Sense as the easiest Euro TDO to work with. The small groups mean loading and unloading is drama free with no queues or scrums for stillages. Tony is extremely flexible and accommodating and the days are run with as little interference from the operator as possible - they treat you like grown-ups... In addition, the documentation provided by TS is as good as any and much better than most, providing not just the required information but also very helpful advice to make the most of your trip. I have used quite a few Euro operators over the last 14 years so can speak from personal experience. My latest trip was to Almeria/Andalucia and was one of the best trips I have had in years. No red flags on Andalucia, only one on Almeria that I saw. We had Scott Redding and Danny Webb on track with us, and it is quite typical to have top riders share the paddock on these trips. If you are looking for a smaller, more personal operator who runs a professional, flexible operation and is typically used by level-headed, experienced riders then TS is the best out there. Peter, 2019.

Just back from Andalucia with Tracksense and are pleased to say we had a great time with a great bunch of other customers. The organisation was spot on and professional with Tony and his staff being really helpful and informative throughout. The hotel is decent and the 20% discount on drinks plus the breakfasts and (quality) evening meals being inclusive was a nice addition that saved us a few quid. Andalucia is a cracking circuit that is reasonably technical and therefore does take a while to learn but well worth a trip; we will certainly be going again. It’s slightly more physical than Almeria but also has a bit of everything including a looooooong back straight! The surface is superb and tyre life was good plus the facilities are as good as Almeria, including decent garages. Everyone I spoke to liked it. We have done lots of Euro Trackdays with various organisers over the years and can comfortably say Tracksense are up there with the better ones. Nicola, 2019.


Andalucia: Big shout out to Tracksense for a cracking few days! Right peeps, this is a new track for me and all that are here on this event and I cannot recommend it enough – suited to all bikes in my opinion. A couple of different configurations that were changed during the trip, and we were also treated to the link to Almeria being opened up on Friday and today, we got to experience the long 9K track at the end of each day. Matt W, 2019.


Tony Hi.

Thanks for a great event at Cartagena. I’ve done several European trackdays with various organisers and yours was the slickest in terms of organisation I’ve experienced.

Regards Fergus

One of the best European trackday organisers by far. Always well organised and usually run like clockwork - I see lots of social media comments from euro first timers about “who do you recommend for Euro trips etc.” well Tracksense is always the first one that I would prefer. Derek Grant, 2018.

Absolutely reliable – organisation of everything is first class and of an excellent standard. Advice, tuition and mechanical assistance always on tap - thankfully others have used the service more than me. Staff are a friendly and helpful group of people whom are fun and professional ensuring I had a great time. THE go-to company if you want to do an European track day. Eddie Nicoll, 2018.

5 star company that I could 100% recommend. Great staff, happy to help, professionally run, good choice of circuit’s with good quality hotels. Neil Macleod, 2018 Great service, excellent organisation, local pickup and drop off and staff are always happy to help you. Andy Buchanan, 2018. Have used tracksense for a number of years without any issues.

Always well organised. Martyn Reid, 2018.

A well-run and experienced team – every event runs like clockwork. Fun races a great addition to the itinerary. Andy Lamond, 2018.

Been on a few Track Sense European trips. Well organised, and fair prices – just a shame there's not a bike drop off location closer to Southampton. Mal Salmon, 2018.

Great people, well organised events, best value for money. Geraint Jones, 2018.

Well-run and well-organised events, which never disappoint. Sarah Cooper, 2018.

Great organisation from start to finish. Highly recommended. Maurice Rae, 2018.

Hi Tony.

I just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU for the amazing trackdays at Catalunya. Also, thank you so much for the generosity in lending me your gear while mine was misplaced by the airline.

I must say, Track Sense runs a terrific day and I had just about the best time ever on track. Your schedule was bang-on throughout the day, the track sense team was always there to answer questions and offer assistance, the bikes you provided were superb, and nothing beats getting to ride with Ian and learn from such an amazing and successful racer. Also the fact that you provide garage space is a huge benefit to keep out of the sun and have a clean place for tending to motorcycles. In addition, the off-track interaction and comradery were fantastic and I’ve made many new friends as a result. I am highly recommending Track Sense to all my friends here and in the USA every opportunity I can.

I plan to do more of your track days and now it’s just a matter of saving up and requesting time away from work. Thanks again for everything Tony, and will be in touch.

Cheers! Attila Kovacs

Hi Tony, Just a short note to express my gratitude for a great experience with with Tracksense. Superb organisation, friendly and helpful staff.

Kind regards

Steve Rutherford, 2018

Hi Tony

Just back from another 3 fabulous days with Track Sense team at Almeria. I've been to Spain with you guys a few times now as you know, and I've been on plenty of trips with other track day organisers as well. So, for what it's worth, I thought I'd drop you line to let you know my take on the whole track-day-in-Spain experience.

Anyone with a bike and any sense knows that if you want to see what your bike can really do there’s only one environment where you can explore the real speed & handling of your bike safely - and that's on track. Okay, there are many tracks in the UK and cheaper ways of doing this, but if you want to enjoy ultimate fun with the added bonus of virtually guaranteed sunshine, you can't do better than booking a 3-day event in southern Spain - let’s be honest, how much can you really learn by riding round an over-crowded track for a day in the "sunny" UK?

So given that going to Spain is a must, the question is who should you book with?

I've made some costly mistakes by booking similar trips with other sub-standard organisers in the past, and that's part of my reason for writing - if my experience helps others to make the right choice, so much the better!

It's fair to say that most organisers advertise the same sort of thing as you guys, but in my experience, there is a big difference in the way the service is delivered (or not in some cases!). With Track Sense, everything is made easy, and being able to choose your options from the Track Sense menu is a great idea - it's flexible, suits everyone, and allows you to add all the components to make your trip memorable. From transport to hotels, from bike hire to track tuition, there’s nothing you haven't thought of. And from experience, I can tell you that Almeria & Jerez are two of the best tracks this planet has to offer!

It's obvious that safety is paramount at your events, and it’s refreshing to see an organiser who manages to place this at the top of their agenda (even above profit!) without spoiling anyone's fun - thus creating a safe, relaxed and friendly environment for all. Alan, Andy & the rest of the Track Sense team are always on hand to help, so whether it’s advice, tuition, mechanical help, or just clarity about the event you need, even as a novice, I’ve never felt lost. The track sesssions always seem to run like clockwork as well - always on time, and little or no delays. Add it all together, and you’ve got the ideal recipe for a fun overload. But the fun doesn’t stop at the track. The hotels are well chosen, the company is entertaining and the beer is even better! If I sound like a salesman, I apologise, but having used other sub-standard providers, it’s only fair to help enhance your good reputation - so others don’t make the same costly mistakes as I have done previuosly, and to give credit where credit is due. This really is one of those occasions where you do, truly, get what you've paid for.

I will certainly look forward to booking Track Sense again - keep up the good work!

Best wishes

Robert Else


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