We understand that some track day beginners may be reluctant to take part in a European track day, and going to Europe may be the furthest thing from their mind when searching for a suitable event. However, the truth is that our track days in Europe are in many ways a much better introduction to track riding than a UK event, and are in fact the ideal beginners track day. There are several reasons for this…

UNCROWDED VENUES... The tracks in Europe are far bigger and far less busy than those in the UK. Typically the circuits in Europe are at least as big as somewhere like Donnington Park GP Circuit, but with half the number of riders, or even less! Fewer riders means more space for you to do your own thing, less overtaking, and fewer stoppages. With circa 30 riders spread around a 2.5 mile (or longer) circuit, it really is almost like having the place to yourself!

PLENTY OF TIME... On a UK day you have one day to learn the track, whereas on a European event you have at least 2 or 3 days. Most novice group accidents are caused by riders trying to go fast before they have learned the track properly, so when you have more time, the risk of an accident is vastly reduced because you can take your time and build your pace gradually.

LOADS OF TOP QUALITY PHOTOS... We all like to take home a nice souvenir – especially if it’s one of our first trackdays. And naturally, we want to look good in our photos! On a UK day, the photographer only has one day to do his job, so he will take photos in the morning (while you are learning the track), and sell them in the afternoon (when you are just starting to get quicker in some of the corners).

On top of that, the photographer can normally only manage to take photos at a couple of corners (1 day is not enough to cover everything), and these are inevitably going to be your two worst corners! These problems do not exist on our events because we use a first class professional photographer, and he is out there taking pictures all day every day – so there’s time for you to get to grips with the circuit, and there’s time for him to cover many more corners.

RELAXED AND SOCIAL... Our events are rather like a weekend break for most. So there’s a relaxed holiday atmosphere, and a very strong social element to enjoy. The relaxed atmosphere leads to relaxed riders on track, which in turn leads to better, more considerate riding. The people you ride with during the day will be in the bar in the evening, so you’re sure to make new friends very quickly.

SAFETY FIRST... Unlike some trackdays, ours are not “open pit lane”… This is reassuring for any novice because nobody wants to be thrown in the deep end with the fast group when they don’t have the experience to run at that pace.

And regardless, 3 days riding with around 7 sessions per day is more than enough for anyone – in fact, nobody (not even the experts) does every session because the track time on offer is far more than they need – so what’s the point of an open pit lane?

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