Below is a list of the tuition options. All tuition should be booked in advance (availability on the day is usually very limited).

MASTERCLASS WITH JEREMY McWILLIAMS (at selected events only – contact us for info)…
With the aid of video analysis, Jeremy will work 1 on 1 with you throughout the day – both on and off the circuit – to improve your skills and confidence. Jeremy will ride with you on-circuit to assess your strengths & weaknesses and to demonstrate how you can improve. And between sessions, Jeremy will review your laps in detail and provide in-depth explanations of exactly what you need to do to progress.
The maximum number of riders for Jeremy’s Masterclass is 4 per day and you can book more than 1 day if you want to.
The cost for Jeremy’s Masterclass is £350 per day. We recommend that you book well in advance because availability is limited.

MOTOVUDU WITH SIMON CRAFAR (at some events – visit the Motovudu website for details)…
Simon says… “I have instructed many hundreds of people on circuit 1 to 1 and I get mad when I hear how much time and money some riders have spent doing particular training schools or reading books that obviously don’t work. They come to me with some fundamental problems with their riding that make it limiting and dangerous to ride any faster. Of course there is more than one way to achieve your goal, but you need to stay away from the techniques that cause unnecessary risks. I want to pass on the essential rules I learned the hard way, that work at all levels and are not limiting.”
During your time with Simon you will progress using the techniques outlined his ground breaking Motovudu book & DVD. Prices for tuition with Simon start at £480 per day. We recommend that you book early because availability is limited.

GARY WALTON (at many events – visit website for details).
Gary has over 25 years of specialised coaching experience. He has coached hundreds of riders since 2009, and established “” in 2014. ​His clients include Rob Hartog (European Super Sport Champion 2018) and Karel Abraham (MotoGP World Championship rider).
Gary’s motto is “More speed, less drama” – so whether you are a novice or a competitive World class rider, his bespoke & personalised coaching services can maximise your potential.
JAMES EAST (at some events – visit website for details).
James has competed in the British Superbike, 125GP, Supersport & Superstock championships over many years and also in one-off races such as in the Italian Superbike Championship.
James says… “My mission is to relay the techniques, approach, and rider development I’ve experienced to students that want to improve their riding. The goal is to have students feeling more aware and in control, and to give them the confidence base they need to improve.”

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